Shaker Incubator

Total Temperature Shaking Incubator
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■ Characteristic
● Precise incubator instrument which has both vibrating and culturing function.
● Particular five eccentric shaft driving design leads to uniform load-bearing, big  amplitude, ultra-silence which meets different experiment needs sufficiently.
● Timing clockwise and anticlockwise rotating and delay start and stop keep the sample culturing safe.
● Breeze circulation system bring no influence to the cell cultivation.
● Gating system. It stops shaking and heating to protect when the door is open, and it continues working when the door is closed.
● Brushless motor cuts down the noise, lengthen the service life, and stabilize the torque output without maintenance.
● Full temperature cultivation is possible with the help of silent compressor. 
● Integrated LCD controller, high accuracy sensor, and  precise temperature and rotating speed control.
● Over-temperature alarm prevents experiment temperature from exceeding setting.
● one-key illuminating system makes it convenient to observe at any time.
● Hidden UV lamp sterilizes the circulating air to make sure the experiment environment clean.
● Convenient PID control makes it run with data set and  time set,  automatic shutdown,  quick start and stop come true.
● Auxiliary menu makes over-temperature alert, deviation adjustment, and menu buttons lock come true.
● RS485 port for remote control and data transmission.
Technical parameters
Distinction   vertical double door horizontal
Model        SY-550B  SY-550C   SY-550D  WY-250B   WY-250C  WY-250D
shaking mode five eccentric shafts whirl shaking
Performance temp. range  4~65℃
temp. resolution  0.1℃
temp. fluctuation  ±0.5℃
temp. uniformity  ±1℃
Amplitude(mm)        φ26mm  φ38mm  φ50mm  φ26mm  φ38mm  φ50mm
Rotating speed(r/min)        30~300  30~250  30~200  30~300  30~250  30~200
Rotating speed deviation  ±1rpm
Structure chamber material stainless steel
shell material spraying cold rolled steel
thermal insulation material PU
heating device stainless heating tube
driving mode five eccentric shafts
shelf mirror stainless steel
air circulation mode   horizontal convection
rated power    1.55kw  1.35kw
Controller temp. control intelligent LCD,PID 
whirl shaking control
setting press the 9 keys slightly 
temp. display 4 digit LCD display
rotated speed display
timer  0~9999 minutes(with timing function)
operation function run with data set and  time set, automatic shutdown, quick start and stop, illuminating system,automatic changes of rotation direction.
temperature sensor  Pt100
rotating speed sensor Hoare
gating system yes
additional function deviation calibration, menu buttons lock, automatic data backups for power outage
Safety device  over-temperature alert, menu buttons lock, gating system,  power outage protection, motor shaft lock protection
Specification working size (W*D*Hmm)   870*690*900 900*620*450
exterior size (W*D*Hmm)   1200*800*1560 1200*750*1000
packing size (W*D*Hmm)   1380*1000*1840 380*960*1240
shelf size(W*Dmm)    775*555  785*505
Max numbers of flasks for different specification    108pieces(100ml)
number of flask clamp as standard    500ml*40  500ml*15
chamber capacity    540L  250L
load bearing of shelf  
layer of shelf  2  
height between shelves    430mm  ×
Power source (50/60Hz) 
/Rated current
   AC220V/7.0A  AC220V/6.1A
NW/GW    335/385kg  310/350kg
Optional device shelf, RS485 port, printer, recorder, external communication, remote control


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