All Temperature Incubator

Medicine Stability Testing Chamber
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■ Characteristic
● SUS304 mirror stainless steel working chamber and plane reaction handle.
● Reinforced glass observation window and defrosting system make it easy to observe the experiment at any time. internally installed independent steam humidifier ensures uniform humidity.
● Forced air convection makes the temperature more uniform.
● Import compressor, environmental refrigerant:R404A, and liquid-spritzing refrigeration and defrosting system  is the guarantee of efficient and stable refrigeration.
● It is easy to move thanks to the bottom  rotary wheel design.
● Import large-size LCD touch-screen controller, easy programming and editing, optional using language: Chinese and English, display actual time temperature running curve, USB3.0 or RS485 interface, possible to control the experiment remotely.
● Easy operation: running with data set and  time set, and automatic shut-down.
● Special function key for temperature setting.
● Auxiliary menus make over-temperature alarm, deviation calibration, and menu lock come true.
● Power outage protector: automatic recovery to previous normal status after power on.
● Compressor overload protector.
● start time and shutdown time both can be set.
● Shelf-check of the circuit, sensor fault alarm, and superior and inferior limit over temperature alarm.
● Intelligent refrigeration and defrosting system.
● Watchdog timer
● Over temperature protector.
● Patent No.: 201320059701.3
Technical parameters
Model  WSS-100F  WSS-100T   WSS-100D  WSS-150F   WSS-150T WSS-150D WSS- 250F WSS-250T  WSS-250D WSS-400F WSS-400D WSS-400T
Application used for testing the stability of sample in hot, cold, dried, and moist circumstance
Air circulation type forced convection
 性 temp. range  F:-10~100℃     T:-20~100℃    D:-40~100℃ 
temp. resolution  0.1℃
temp. fluctuation  ±0.5℃
temp. uniformity  ±2.5℃
humidity range  20%~95%RH
humidity resolution  0.1%RH
humidity fluctuation  ±3%RH
 构 chamber material SUS304 stainless steel
shell material spraying cold rolled steel
thermal insulation material PU
heating device stainless heating tube
compressor import
refrigerant  R404A
defrosting system automatic
humidity control internal humidifier, automatic
fairlead no
printer standard configuration
Controller temp. control LCD touch panel
temp. setting touch panel
temp. display LCD 
timer  0~99.9h*30 (with timing function)
operation function running with data set and  time set, automatic shut-down based on setting, start with time set, and running with program set.
system mode standard configuration
additional function deviation calibration, menu buttons lock, power outage compensation, power outage memory. watchdog timer, shelf-check of the circuit, intelligent refrigeration and defrosting system、temperature curve, remote interface.
temp. sensor  Pt100
humidity sensor import
Safety device over-temperature alarm, overload protector, independent temperature limiter, and shelf-check of the circuit.
 规 working size (W*D*Hmm) 400*500*500  500*500*600  650*500*780  600*800*850
 格 working capacity  100L  150L  250L  400L
  shelf load bearing   25kg
 附属品 shelf  2pcs
shelf bracket  4pcs
Optional device  shelf, RS485 port, printer, recorder, external communication, remote control,system temperature controller, wireless message alert, U disk storage.

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