Electrothermal Temperature Incubator

Electrothermal Constant Temperature Incubator (DH)
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■ Characteristic
● Classical mode of heat transfer and  uniform temperature.
● Double layers of reinforced glass observation window is convenient to observe the experiment status at any time.
● Easy operation: running with data set and  time set, and automatic shutdown.
● Special function key for temperature setting.
● Auxiliary menu makes over-temperature alarm, deviation calibration, and menu buttons lock come true.
● Patent No.: 201320059701.3 

Technical parameters
Model DH3600II
Application classical incubator for bacteria and microorganism
Air circulation type  natural convection
Performance temp. range  RT+5~65℃
temp. resolution  0.1℃
temp. fluctuation  ±0.5℃
temp. uniformity  ±2.0℃
Structure chamber material II refers to cold rolled steel; BII  refers to stainless steel
shell material spraying cold rolled steel
thermal insulation material aluminum silicate fiber
heating device Nickel-chromium alloy heating wire
rated power  0.25kw    0.5kw 0.6kw
vent inner diameter 28mm*1 (top)
Controller temp. control  PID
temp. setting press the four keys slightly 
temp. display actual temp. is displayed by 4 digital tube (row 1);
setting temp. is displayed by 4 digital tube (row 2).
timer 0~9999 minutes (with timing function)
operation function running with data set and  time set, and automatic shut-down based on setting
program mode optional
additional function deviation calibration, menu buttons lock, power outage compensation, power outage memory.
sensor  Pt100
Safety device over-temperature alarm
Specification working size (W*D*Hmm)  350*350*350  400*350*350  500*450*550  500*450*550
exterior size (W*D*Hmm)  485*480*570  540*490*670  626*590*755  626*590*755
packing size (W*D*Hmm)  590*560*670  630*610*750  730*670*880  730*670*880
working capacity  43L  49L  124L  124L
shelf load bearing   15kg
max shelf layer  7 layers 9layers  13 layers 14 layers
height between shelves  35mm
Power source ( 50/60Hz) /Rated current  AC220V/1.1A AC220V/3.0A  AC220V/2.3A  AC220V/2.7A
NW/GW  27/30kg           32/35kg  45/49kg  58/63kg
Accessory  shelf  2pcs  
shelf bracket 4pcs
Optional device shelf, RS485 port, printer, recorder, external communication, remote control, program temperature controller, wireless message alert, U disk storage.


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