Drying Oven (WGL)

Electrothermal Forced Air Convection Drying Oven (WGL)
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■ Common characteristic for model B and model BE
● High accuracy, high efficiency, good safety and wide application.
● Easy operation: running with data set and time set, and automatic shut-down
● Special function key for temperature setting.
● Auxiliary menus make over-temperature alarm, deviation calibration, and menu lock come true
.● Vertical double air flue air-casing, forced air convection, better temperature conformity
.● Adjust speed fan makes it easy to dry lightweight tiny powder sample
● Forced air intake structure for fan cooling ensure its max working temperature less than 50℃ which lengthen the service life of fan.
● Patent No.: ZL201230310211.7 / 201320059701.3
■ Special characteristic for model BE 
● multiple data is display in the LCD screen at the same time, automatic recovery to previous status after power outage and recovery
● Over-temperature protector
Technical parameters
Model  WGL-30B  WGL-45B   WGL-65B  WGL-125B  WGL-230B WGL-625B
Application used for drying, baking, wax melting, and thermal treatment
Air circulation type double air flues and forced convection
Performance temp. range  RT+10300
temp. resolution  0.1
temp. fluctuation  ±1
temp. uniformity  ±2.5%
Structure chamber material stainless steel 
shell material spraying cold rolled steel
thermal insulation material aluminum silicate fiber
heating device stainless heating tube nichrome heating wire stainless heating tube
rated power  0.8kw   1.2kw  1.6kw  2.3kw  3.0kw  5.0kw
vent inner diameter 28mm*1 (top) inner diameter 28mm*2 (top)
Controller temp. control B model: double rows of 4 digital tube, PID;
BE model: double rows of LCD, PID
temp. setting press the four keys slightly 
temp. display  B model: actual temperature. is displayed by 4 digital tube (row 1); setting temperature. is displayed by row 2.
 BE model: actual temperature. is displayed by LCD (row 1); setting temperature. is displayed by row 2.
timer 9999minutes (with timed wait)
operation function running with data set and  time set, and automatic shut-down based on setting
program mode optional
sensor  Pt100
additional function deviation calibration, menu buttons lock,  power outage compensation, power outage memory. 
 BE model: adjustable speed fan fixed speed fan
Safety device B and BE model: over-temperature alarm;
BE model: over-temperature protector.
Specification working size  310*310*310  350*350*350  400*360*450  500*450*550  600*500*750  660*760*1250
exterior size  460*510*695  500*550*735  550*550*840  636*680*915  730*670*1220  895*925*1830
packing size  550*570*765  620*585*800  640*640*905  730*720*1000  900*800*1350  1000*1080*2000
working capacity  30L  45L   65L  125L  230L    625L
shelf load bearing   15kg
max shelf layers  6 layers  7 layers  9 layers  13 layers  17 layers  7 layers
height between shelves  35mm  150mm
Power source( 50/60Hz)/Rated current  AC220V/3.6A  AC220V/5.5A  AC220V/7.2A  AC220V/10.5A  AC220V/13.6A  AC380V/7.6A
NW/GW  33/37kg  37/43kg  44/49kg  60/66kg  94/120kg  120/160kg
Accessory  shelf  2pcs
shelf bracket  4pcs
Optional device(WGLL) shelf, RS485 port, printer, recorder, external communication, remote control,system temperature controller, wireless message alert, U disk storage.


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